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Thursday, May 23rd - The CWL would like to invite all parishioners to Prayers for Palliative Care at 5:00pm at the church.​

May 31st/June 1st - CWL plant sale in conjunction with the Parish garage sale. Gratefully accepting perennials, raspberries, strawberries, or other plants. If you have extra, small potting containers or need assistance digging plants, please call or text Sherry at (780) 689 - 9089.

Until then...Jerrie Smith has tomato and hot pepper bedding plants for sale. $3/ea with $2 from each plant sold going towards the CWL plant sale. The bedding plants are ready now, so you can buy them early, get them planted and still support the CWL!

Email or call (780) 213 - 1899 to arrange a pick up/delivery.

If there are any plants remaining, they will be available at the plant sale. 

Tomato Varieties available:                                                          Hot Pepper Varieties available:

-San Marzano (sauce)                                                                   -Jalapeno hot peppers

-Roma (sauce)                                                                               -Habanero hot peppers

-Beef Steak (slicers)                                                                      -Cayenne hot peppers

-Manitoba (slicers)

-Jubilee (yellow slicers)

-Tiny Tim (cherry tomato)

Sunday June 2nd - All ladies of the parish are invited to join the CWL for a potluck snack social windup at Rita Fetig's house (3903 - Champagne Drive) at 12:00pm. This will be in lieu of a June meeting and welcome to summer. Hope to see you there. 

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